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At the latest census in 2001 the village had 2,421 inhabitants, 1,223 men and 1,198 women.
Evolution of the population since 1869 (since regular statistics are recorded) since 2001 is: in 1869 there were 2,779 people in a village.
Then it has grown quite slowly as far as inhabitants. In 1910 it reached and crossed 4,000 inhabitants. At next census it reached the maximum of 4,436 inhabitants.

There was mild decrease before the World War II. In 1950 number of inhabitants fell quickly on 4,000 people back to the number in beginning of the 20th century.
Housing situation had improved these days. Big industrialization of Slovakia had started.
Number of inhabitants was changing, many young people moved out to towns.

Village has got six parts now. It is Valaská Belá-Ústredie – the central part (plus twelve backwoods).
In the southeast there is a part called  Matušíková (plus 12 backwoods) where it was about 565 people in 1930 and today it is only 99.
There is a part called Studenec in the northeast (plus 16 backwoods). This part is settled just very little. About 560 people lived there in 1930, today it is only 30.
Part Škrípov is in the north (plus 19 backwoods). Number of inhabitants has decreased 10 times. In 1932 about 779 lived here, it is about 66 people now.
There is a part called Stanáková in the west – it is the most populated part (plus 18 backwoods). 225 people lives here since it has very convenient location. It is located next to the road leading to Ilava.

There is a part called Gápel in the northeast. It does not look like backwoods anymore, it looks more like a village where about 33 people live.

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