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Climatic conditions influenced composition of the animals. Animals living in lowlands penetrate with animals occurring in highlands.

From invertebrates:  ground beetles, cicadas, all kinds of bumblebees. From rare species: Mountain Apollo, Old World Swallowtail.

From vertebrates in water  – fish for example trout, bream, barbatula, bleak; next newts, speckled salamanders, toads, tree-frogs green.  On the rocks: lizards, serpents (grass snake).

From birds: raptors (hawk, common buzzard, golden eagle, falcon, owl). 

Songbirds: ravens, shrikes, titmouse, blackbirds, nightingale, goldfinch, ect.

Mammals: hedgehog, shrews, bats, martne, badger, fox, wild pig, roe deer and deer game. Brown Bear is also present here.

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