Protected Zones

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Protected Zones

The biggest protected country zone is Strážovské vrchy. It was declared to be a protected zone in 1989.  Strážovské vrchy have the forested terrain with enclave of  mountain meadows.
Rare fauna: brown bear, black rook, Apian schnauzer.

In the central part of the Strážovské vrchy in land register of the village Valaská Belá in basin of the river Nitrica there is private Natural National Park Rysia. It has an area of 30,49 ha. Originally this forest was owned by individual owner from the Middle Slovakia, but he gave it as a gift to organization dealing with forest protection called VLK. There is no mining since 1994. It was declared as a national park in 2004. Rysia has become the second private national park in the Middle and Easter Europe and there is valid the highest, the fifth level of protection.

Since  1990 breach of the river belanka is natural reserve. The river Belanky in the part of village called Podskálie is broken by narrow belt with steep hills. Territory has nature of rock steppe with thermophilic and calciferous vegetation.

The other important locations are: Alúvium of the river Belanka, the Slávikova valley, the river Jasenina, the Kohútova valley.

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